Case Studies

Case #1 WIA Funded Technology Program

Client Profile: Youth Based workforce development Organization for at-risk youth in and out of school ages 14- 21 years old.

Challenge: Youth Based Workforce Development organization who was getting federal WIA funds was in jeopardy of losing funding due to a 60% retention and program completion rate, 80% is minimal.  

Solution: After being hired as the new service provider, we assessed and changed the current program modules to fit current technology trends and industry standards. We also modified the course curriculums to fit the student demographics. For 2-years we achieved 100% retention and graduation rates.  

Case #2 Carolinas College of Health Sciences

Client Profile: Carolinas College of Health Sciences is a public 2-year college located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The college is a subsidiary of the Carolinas Medical Center and owned by Carolinas HealthCare System.

Challenge: CCHS looks for solicitations from artist to produce their yearly Martin Luther King program designed for the employees of the hospital and the school.  

Solutions: Powerup USA  was hire and proposed to produced an interactive speaker series, where the youth and employees engaged in conversation about civil right from the perspective of today's youth.  The students lead the conversation by asking the employees thought-provoking questions about their personal experiences and thoughts about the past, present, and future of civil rights. After the conversation, each student and one of the employees would share their conversation with the entire room for understanding and a Q and A session.

Case #3 Student Produced Homelessness to Affordable Housing PSA

Client Profile: Studio 345

Challenge: Student class project was to see the challenges for homeless men to find affordable housing and what are the barriers to self-sufficiency.  

Solutions: Took Film students throughout Uptown Charlotte to meet and interview homeless men and the director of the Men's Shelter. Students were able to get first-hand responses concerning the problem, need and lack of affordable housing for the homeless and low-income citizen in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


Case # 5 Youth based broadcast news - The Rock Report

Client Profile: The Rock Worship Center

Challenge:  Youth-based Church News

Solutions:  Created the church news and announcements as the "Rock Report. We utilized the Tricaster media system to create virtual sets, where students 7 - 10 years old wrote and directed the announcements. 


Case #4 Bruns Academy Elementary School

Client Profile: Bruns Academy Elementary School located in Charlotte, NC

Challenge: Industry professionals to come and share the many career options available 

Solutions: Powerup USA  came with to an entire TV production set with green screen, camera, and TV monitor to expose students to the world of TV and Film. Students were able to utilize the camera behind the scene and act as news reporters in front of the screen.

Case # 6 Technology Community Service Project

Client Profile: ISUS Institutes of Construction Technology, Manufacturing, and Health Care

Challenge: After training workforce development community Service project.

Solutions:  Development and managed a technology service project where student refurbed desktop computers, installed and configured Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office. Traveled onsite and installed 12 computer and created a peer to peer network.