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About Our Company

PowerUP USA is the leader in providing art, media, science and technology education to in and out of school youth and low-income adults. We provide on-site training for youth-based organizations, after schools programs, summer camps and consulting services.


Our Team Members

With over 25 years of combined teaching and industry experience, our instructor brings real world application into every program we offer. 

More Facts About Us

Due to lack of exposure, many disadvantaged youths and low-income communities are lost when it comes to knowing 21st-century career options. At Powerup USA we empower youth with the skill necessary to compete in today's workplace. PowerUp hands-on training model is ideal for the unemployed, underemployed or someone just needing to upgrade their skill base.

Our Latest Projects

PowerUp USA has partnered with the Charlotte Black Film Festival in order to expose youth to acting, filmmaking and the writing process. Over 40 students participated during the festival and took part in the film screenings and after screening Q and A. 

Digital Divide: The technology gap by Race/Ethnicity - Pew Research Center data




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East Charlotte Hickory Grove Camp

Speech by Tommy Nichols Director of PowerUp USA

2019 Historic West End Summer Camp

Charlotte STEM Day

Successful Youth Based Programs

Workforce Development Technology Program



Youth PSA Video "From Homelessness to Affordable Housing"

Youth Broadcasting Program


Technology Community Service Project


Atrium College of Health Sciences MLK Program

Bruns Academy Career Exploration


Coding for the Web


Podcast/Radio Production